Friday, February 08, 2008

Obama agrees to debate Clinton in Houston - Updated

Feb 28 at George R. Brown Convention Center. Wow, turnout for the Democratic primary in Houston will be huge.

Conservative voters are unhappy with McCain, many do not like Huckabee as well. How many will vote in the Democratic primary as a mess with the Democrats vote? What prevents this will be the local contested GOP primaries like the ten vying for Rep. Lampson's seat.

Some local reaction. This Houston conservative is really unhappy, as someone whose favorite candidate was extremist California Rep. Hunter must be. Ree-C also thinks there are no conservative alternatives.

Our So-Called-Liberal mainstream media really didn't report it, but McCain was booed while trying to make peace at the Conservative Political Action Committee gathering, despite delegates being told repeatedly not to do so. Conservatives are so unhappy I wonder if a third party conservative candidate will emerge? In that case it looks a bit like 1968 but McCain doesn't have the support Nixon did among Republicans, although Hillary Clinton does seem a bit like Hubert Humphrey to current Democrats.

UPDATE - See more on how to vote and caucus in Texas from anna here. The Houston area will award 30 delegates directly to the Democratic Convention and influences more with delegates assigned at the Texas Democratic State Convention.

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