Friday, March 21, 2008

The Clinton Health Care Lies Keep Getting Exposed

A few days ago I wrote about her gross exaggerations on the SCHIP bill. Now her campaign's false claims that she was involved in the "Family and Medical Leave Act" come undone.
Hillary Clinton never even "held or attended any meetings on the Family Medical Leave Act."

To state that Hillary Clinton helped pass the FMLA during her first 16 days as First Lady is just plain preposterous.
From Tapped:
Having just written a piece about the FMLA for the upcoming print issue of the Prospect, I can tell you that anyone familiar with the law should have already realized Hillary's very limited involvement. The non-profit organization the National Partnership for Women and Families originally drafted the bill, which was then championed in the House by former Colorado Congresswoman Pat Schroeder and in the Senate by Chris Dodd and Ted Kennedy. These three were at work trying to pass the FMLA from the late-1980s on, while the Clintons were in Arkansas and running a national campaign. So while Hillary did indeed have a history of involvement with work-family issues, she couldn't have possibly been a big player in the original Beltway push to pass the FMLA.
--Dana Goldstein
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