Monday, March 24, 2008

CNN had a supporter of slavery attack Rev. Wright

Michael Medved - Slavery not so bad.

More righty media stars chip in.

Fellow radio righty Hugh Hewitt uses his program for a new attack - Obama is too profane to be president. I asked Texas Guv MoFo for a comment but he replied "Adios B#$%^&(, get the f#$^@!* BS (*&*&^ #$%%^ out of here."

During his show on Friday, Rush Limbaugh insisted that Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) “disowned his white half” by standing by his pastor, Jeremiah Wright. Limbaugh has a long history of attacking Obama’s race. He said Obama should “renounce” his race and “become white.” Limbaugh has also referred to Obama as “Osama,” and airs a song on his program called “Barack the Magic Negro.”

TV conservative Pat Buchanan "America has been the best country on earth for black folks. "

Isolationist CNN host Lou Dobbs asked if Obama is "pandering to ethnocentric special interests again" by accepting Richardson's endorsement.

Not Done Yet: Fox News Now Goes After the New Pastor of Barack Obama's Church.

Neo Nazi/White Supremacist Hal Turner Confirms Friendship With Sean Hannity. "It seems to me that a big difference between Sean and me is that I am willing to say publicly what I think about savage Black criminals, diseased, uneducated illegal aliens and the grotesque cultural destruction wrought by satanic Jews while Sean and many others keep quiet to protect their paychecks."

And the big American corporations like having their commercials next to racist conservative media filth?

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