Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Southern Dem warns party it is flirting with disaster

Uncommitted super-delegate says the fight between Barack and Hillary is damaging to the party and to the November chances of winning the presidency. He is promoting an early super-delegate convention to wrap this up early. He also joins Speaker Pelosi in saying the super-delegates should abide by the majority of delegates chosen by primaries and caucuses.
If Obama were denied the nomination by Democratic insiders after winning the party’s popular vote, [Tennessee Governor] Bredesen said, “There would be hell to pay in the party for a long time to come.”

Bredesen is doing something about his concerns. He was in Washington this week to promote his idea for holding a “superdelegate primary” in June, in which the 795 party bigwigs would gather to hear one last time from Clinton and Obama before casting a final vote.
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