Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Latest From Brother Jim

Been to busy to update on my brother until now.

He gets IM Spam.
africankingdrom: Hey mournin

jdnl: mournin, I'm in mournin

africankingdrom: u white guy

jdnl: actually tan and sexy is a better description

africankingdrom: u think ur sexy

jdnl: not usually but a i have been getting a lot of outside verification lately

africankingdrom: u inshape

jdnl: well ovoid is a shape

africankingdrom: ur 40

jdnl: no but I saw it pass by once

africankingdrom: chest big

jdnl: bigger than a bread box smaller than a bread van

africankingdrom: have u been f@cked

jdnl: repeatedly but lets not talk about work

and with that final comment africankingdrom departed my life
The American people succeed even when the government fails - Katrina edition.

More TSA madness - endangering children's lives for five years.

The latest from the Arizona war on hugs.

Even California has school administrator jerks who don't know the law - this has been reversed.

The latest napping news from where he works.

How to lose friends and respect and your soul and gain no useful intelligence.

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