Thursday, March 20, 2008

What's going on

For my Senate District convention, my precinct had three people mark themselves down for delegate and alternate positions who were not elected. One alternate who was elected is registered in another precinct. These will have to be informed "no you can't" but you can challenge that. Good luck. One delegate managed to not sign in. That is OK, he's in, but how did that happen with all the tussles over the 44-44 Obama, Clinton split? One sheet of paper used as a sign-in for an initially uncommitted person was lost in the tussles. Did he get transferred to another sheet? I doubt it. I will just inform everyone who is going and who isn't and tell alternates they will surely be able to leave very early.

What else is going on.

Rabid radio talk show person mashes up an anti-Obama video with the most inflammatory language of Jeremiah Wright and images of Malcolm X, the U.S. Olympians who raised their hand in the black power salute and the song "Fight the Power" to play the race card. Hate and fear and the race card - what else do conservatives have to run on?

I've been told all the anti-campaign, no political speech, anti-candidate signs regulations, all these anti-first amendment, anti-free-speech regulations passed by the Pasadena city council are all part of Mayor Isbell's political campaign to get elected next year with no dissent. Sounds about right.

I got polled by the Pew Research Institute for a national poll on my unlisted number. It was really about Obama's speech and the state of the race. I did not think it was good timing and they were trying to make most questions yes or no and avoid the nuances of the campaigns and the speech. It will turn up here.

Sheila Jackson-Lee voted against the strong ethics bill with outside investigators, contrary to nearly all Democrats. Hasn't Sheila been in office too long? Many people were pleasantly surprised with Nancy Pelosi's leadership on this.

Glenn Greenwald tells us what he really thinks:
The reality is that John McCain's understanding of foreign policy and his approach to national security has proven to be simplistic, destructive and idiotic. Nobody spewed more pre-invasion falsehoods and confused and misleading claims about Iraq than John McCain did. And he's been the Prime Cheerleader for one of the most destructive wars in U.S. history. The notion that he has expertise in foreign policy or sound judgment is a total myth, yet it's one that his press fans accept and enforce as orthodoxy.
McCain's simple-minded militarism, his ignorance about national security, and his moronic view that the U.S. should run the world through endless wars ought to be one of the most intensely debated issues in the campaign. But it won't be because -- as Marcus said -- the media has already decided that McCain is a Serious Expert in these matters and that national security is his strength, and evidence to the contrary won't be reported. - The GOP attack plan on Obama. Also five years of lies on Iraq.

William Arkin, Iraq's civil war continues. This will continue rather Americans are there or not.

Clinton desperately trying to get Michigan revote. Her donors offer to fund it.

Associated Press president Tom Curley says the US is rounding up journalists in an attempt to control information.

Boston Globe: Many voting for Clinton to boost GOP chances. TIME: Can GOP Voters Spoil the Dem Race?

Harris County moving very slowly on Joe Horn case. To refresh your memory - Horn called 911 and said he had heard two men climb through a window into his next-door neighbor's home. A 911 operator cautioned Horn, 61, to stay in his house. He said I will shoot them and went outside, and shot the two in the back with a 12-gauge shotgun.

Fed in boldest moves since Great Depression is protecting banks at the expense of tax-payers. $200 Billion corporate welfare, more here.
NOMI PRINS: The CDO market is a $2 trillion market. The write-downs that have related to subprime loans underlying some of those securities have only amounted to about $120 billion. So when you look at the differentiation between what’s valued and what’s out there, you’re talking about a lot of potential catastrophe to come. And again, no discussion of what happened at the source to deregulate the market such that these things could be created. So there is a lot of downside. And the fact is, the banking system itself, through its own steps and with a lack of regulation, has leveraged itself beyond its capacity to take that risk.
Scooter Libby disbarred.

If Obama has been criticized for his religious ties, should Hillary's ties to religious conservative fundamentalists who supported Hitler be probed? You can start here.

Is the Supreme Court on the way to banning lawsuits against fraudulent and dangerous medical devices and drugs?

David Corn: McCain's Spiritual Guide: Destroy Islam.

Fewer Voters Identify as Republicans. Red States remain evenly divided.

Our weather has been very nice but windy. Spring break on Galveston.

OMG. Memo gets a Linux Pink notebook computer - the EEEEEEE! Leon Hale tells a story about a bet on a hitchhiker.

Bonus - Pictures of fail - humor.

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