Friday, March 21, 2008

Finally the media reports on "The Clinton Myth"

This is not a close race. Even her closest advisors admit she has less than a 10% chance of pulling the nomination off. Independent observers give even lower odds.

I have been saying this for a while now. I was also worried what the news media would do to make stuff up to fill air time until Pennsylvania. Others were even earlier concluding that Hillary was unable to win back in February. All that and similar comments did was to make the Hillary feminists announce a blogging boycott at Daily Kos. From Politico:
....The media are also enamored of the almost mystical ability of the Clintons to work their way out of tight jams, as they have done for 16 years at the national level. That explains why some reporters are inclined to believe the Clinton campaign when it talks about how she’s going to win on the third ballot at the Democratic National Convention in August.

That’s certainly possible — and, to be clear, we’d love to see the race last that long — but it’s folly to write about this as if it is likely.

It’s also hard to overstate the role the talented Clinton camp plays in shaping the campaign narrative, first by subtly lowering the bar for the performance necessary to remain in the race, and then by keeping the focus on Obama’s relationships with a political fixer and a controversial pastor in Illinois.

But even some of Clinton’s own advisers now concede that she cannot win unless Obama is hit by a political meteor. Something that merely undermines him won't be enough. It would have to be some development that essentially disqualifies him.
Ben Smith adds the obvious - Can Clinton win popular vote, superdelegates?

More here.

Underscoring all this - the Clinton campaign is out of money, again.

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