Sunday, March 23, 2008

Rev. Wright Sets the Paper of Record Straight

Reverend Wright was interviewed by The New York Times.

They then distorted what he had to say and used it in their smear campaign against Obama.

Reverend Wright send a letter in protest to The New York Times.

They have not printed it.

This was from an earlier controversy a year ago and they didn't correct it then and they won't correct new articles now.

The Wright 2007 letter follows at Daily Kos.

I don't usually blog at Daily Kos but I wanted this widely read. It hit the recommended list on their front page.

BTW, "despite condemnations from the Speaker of the House, the chairman of the DNC, Catholic groups on the left, Catholic groups on the right, and Jewish groups, none of the major dailies ran a single article about the Republican presidential nominee cozying up to a bigoted megachurch preacher or the outrage it caused in some circles."

UPDATE - the present conservative Republican and former constitutional legal counsel to two Republican presidents endorsed Obama today.

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