Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Choosing the most electable candidate

It isn't Clinton or Obama. I am surprised that Republicans have been ignoring their radio leaders and rallying to McCain who actually is the most electable candidate on their side. Meanwhile Edwards is ignored by the media, the two leading Dem candidates and most of the Democratic primary goers. This happened in 2004 with Democratic insiders proclaiming Kerry the most electable while outsiders and polls showed it was John Edwards or Wes Clark.

I am getting tired of Democrats writing off Red States and trying to fashion a narrow East Coast + West Coast + some Mid West states victory that depends a great deal on luck.

Frank Wrinn in Tennessee:
Gallup and Rasmussen now have McCain beating Clinton and Obama. In a Rasmussen poll released last week McCain beats Clinton by a startling 11 percentage points. Now, Rasmussen also shows Clinton trailing Huckabee, Obama in dead heat with Huckabee, but Edwards leading Huckabee by double digits. In Democratic stronghold Pennsylvania this month, Rasmussen has McCain beating Clinton by 6% and Obama by 8%. Hello. Where do Democrats make up for a loss in Pennsylvania. Texas?...

For Democrats to change anything, we have to win first.
Edwards on Letterman.

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