Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Hampshire Recount Underway

Democrat Dennis Kucinich has paid $27,000 to Gardner's office to start the re-count. Election officials tell WBZ-TV that the recount could take up to a month....

Kucinich has asked that the re-count start with Manchester ballots and spread out from there to other Hillsborough County precincts. He can stop the re-count and get a refund for the balance of the costs. To re-count the entire state would cost him about $70,000.

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Quia_timet said...

Kucinich nneeds to continue to stand up for all of our voting rights. I there is goging to be someone to get to the bottom of it, its Kucinich. He has the spunk and I believe that after wathching the video @ concerning a2005 investigation in Florida, The people of NH and the remainder of the state would want a recount, too..