Thursday, January 17, 2008

What are the Middle Class concerned about?

DMI looks at Google adwords and finds it is the economy and the presidential candidates. They are very worried about sub-prime rates and tax reform.
For today's middle class, however, economic worries encompass more than just housing and taxes. Other popular search terms included ads that linked to policy analysis on Head Start, minimum wage policy (about 270,000 searchers have seen DMI's ad so far), and immigration reform. The Google statistics show a middle class searching (both literally and figuratively -- excuse the pun) for comprehensive policy to make higher education more affordable, make health care more accessible, and protect workers' rights. Not only are thousands of Americans Google-searching for information on SCHIP and the Employee Free Choice Act -- yes, thousands are actually typing in the search term "employee free choice act" -- but Americans are real-life-searching for these policies, too.
You can check out the score cards on politicians to see how often they vote for the middle class. For Texas representatives - Gene Green gets B's, Nick Lampson gets C's, Ciro Rodriguez gets an A+, and all Texas Republicans get F's. The Republicans may be trying to improve their scores with the Democrats in charge and an election coming up just from my looking at a few votes. Maybe Gene Green and Nick Lampson will take the hint and try to improve their scores.

I am going to add a widget to the left so visitors can search bills and our legislators to see how they are doing in supporting the middle-class.

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