Thursday, January 03, 2008

Houston DA Rosenthal resigns at last minute

Harris County District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal waited till 3 minutes before deadline to withdraw. He is now under investigation for attempting to destroy emails. Some may have been destroyed. His withdrawal extended until 6 p.m. Friday the deadline for candidates to sign up for the GOP primary for district attorney.
...Several prominent defense lawyers urged Rosenthal to stay on the job, saying his administrative skills were intact and that the scandal was surmountable. Richard "Racehorse" Haynes, a leading figure among Houston lawyers, was said to be among those who urged Rosenthal to resist making an exit. Haynes in an interview said he would not confirm or deny that he gave such a message to the district attorney.

With would-be candidates gathered at party headquarters to ponder their moves, Rosenthal's withdrawal letter finally arrived, on district attorney's office stationery rather than campaign letterhead.

The GOP winner will face former Houston Police Chief C.O. Bradford, a Democrat, in November.
At least Rosenthal and his family has been spared the embarrassment of a sex video.

I wonder what the conservatives think about how the so-called-liberal wealthy defense attorney's support GOP county prosecutors. I just notice how most of these old wealthy defense attorneys are the remnants of the old conservative Democratic party and most do not support the newer more moderate and liberal Democrats in elections. I do not support Rosenthal whose actions continued the tradition of Harris County being the legalized murder capital of the United States.

Charles Kuffman has the the local filing news. I was going to file today to put my name on the ballot for precinct chair but I am down with sinus and respiration problems or the early stages of something else. I think I will use my old list and wage a write-in campaign. That should really get my ass moving introducing myself to Democrats in this pretty solid R area.

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