Saturday, January 05, 2008

Hillary Clinton

Media Matters on how the media portrayed Hillary's 29% as a huge defeat but McCain's coming in fourth with 13% was a big win.

Here is the pro and con on Hillary from The American Prospect. I am of this view by Sam Rosenfeld and Matthew Yglesias:
Liberal Democrats should want a nominee who is, in fact, a liberal. And liberals and moderates alike have should want a nominee who's seen as a moderate by the median voter. Clinton, however, is a moderate who people think is a liberal. This is a terrible combination of qualities from almost every point of view -- except, perhaps, for the faction of her advisers whose views are probably too right-wing to be associated with the Democratic presidential nominee, unless they can latch onto the one candidate both blessed and cursed with an undeserved reputation for liberalism.
Roger Simons says Hillary's problem is she is too logical.

Will she become the new comeback kid? The Clinton legacies are on the line.
The Clintons have been at their most effective when they have had their backs to the wall together.

That was true in January 1992 when she helped him recover from allegations of womanizing and draft-dodging early in the nomination fight. It was true six years later, in January 1998, when the White House was reeling and even some Clinton aides thought resignation was a possibility over the Monica Lewinsky scandal. She rallied a demoralized Clinton team and sent notice inside the White House and to the public at large that they were going to fight.

A thought to ponder: The tenth anniversary of her famous comment on the "Today" show that the Lewinsky allegations were false and the work of a “vast right-wing conspiracy” will come between now and the Feb. 5 Super Tuesday primaries.
Hillary booed in New Hampshire. The big mo is with Obama.

Clinton to get tough - "for a candidate who once hoped to make it inevitable, interesting is a very bad thing."

Uh-Oh, Hillary.
In virtually every demographic category where Obama found his greatest strength in Iowa, New Hampshire's electorate has at least as many or more of those voters, based on a comparison of the entrance polls from Thursday's caucuses in Iowa and from the 2004 Democratic primary in Hampshire.
Clinton: Obama's too liberal.

The view from the right - Clinton will go negative because that is what they do. That is also the view from the center - Bill Clinton's excuse of the media makes us do it doesn't cut it.

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