Friday, January 18, 2008

Last Final Corrupt Act Before Rosenthal Leaves?

Republican Texas Supreme Court Justice David Medina and his wife are in financial trouble. Their house was in foreclosure and had tax liens. Solution? His wife set fire to the house and waited outside with her son for the fire department. She got a little carried away with the accelerant and it spread to three alarms and also damaged a neighbor's place. As suspicion fell on her the judge started hiding and tampering with the evidence. He got caught and he and his wife were indicted.

How does disgraced Harris County Attorney Chuck Rosenthal get involved in this? He has refused to prosecute and will move to dismiss the indictments.

Is this one last favor for the Republican Party of Texas?

Grand jury members are pretty steamed about this.
A grand jury handed up the indictments despite objections from Rosenthal's office. In a rare move for a body that typically operates in secrecy, two grand jury members Thursday night publicly denounced Rosenthal's unwillingness to prosecute as politically motivated....

"I've just never seen anything like the vigor with which these two defendants were defended by the Harris County District Attorney's Office," Dorrell said. "It was theater of the absurd. We knew before we handed the indictment down that the district attorney was going to refuse to prosecute, but we did it anyway."

....Medina, a former state district judge in Houston, was Gov. Rick Perry's general counsel from January to November 2004, when Perry appointed him to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court, which hears only civil cases. He was elected in 2006 and is not up for re-election until 2012.
Chuck Rosenthal has had his ethics and judgement repeatedly questioned. Presently he is not running for reelection and is under investigation because of his emails containing love notes to his secretary, porn and racist material, and illegal campaign activities. When he was prosecuting cases it came out that he made up evidence and refused to give evidence to the defense. Many attorneys for years have questioned his judgement.

The GOP replacement candidates promise to do better than Chuck. What the Hell else can they say?

Kuffman has more.

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