Saturday, January 05, 2008

John Edwards

Edwards gets cash bonus for Iowa results.
Despite Edwards' admission to not be one of the "moneyed" candidates, his fundraising campaign appears to be riding the coat tails of his second-place finish, reporting record-breaking online fundraising totals.

The campaign declined to release actual figures, but said donations began pouring in shortly after the results of the Iowa caucus were announced, and continued to grow Friday to amount to what could be the best fundraising day since the candidate's website was launched a year ago.
Would have been a gusher if he had actually won.

Perry like my post on Iowa results. I could say I get a second-hand link from the Houston Chron from him. One thing I haven't mentioned, the actual delegate count was closer in Iowa than the percentages reported. An AP analysis of the Iowa caucus results showed Obama winning 16 delegates, followed by Clinton with 15 and Edwards with 14.

Did Edwards win Iowa for Obama? John Edwards showed the way as his positions keep getting adopted by the other candidates.

Not much of a bounce for second place. Latest New Hampshire poll, first post Iowa - Sen. Barack Obama leading Sen. Hillary Clinton, 37% to 27%, in next week's primary. John Edwards is third with 19%, followed by Gov. Bill Richardson has 8%. That was a big bounce for Obama. These poll results are uncertain. In Hampshire turnout is high, but it is an open primary. When a voter walks in, an Independent has to decide if they want a Democratic ballot or a Republican ballot. About 40% of the New Hampshire voters are registered as independent and many of them like both Barack Obama and John McCain.

Shapiro has final thoughts on Edwards in Iowa:
As someone who has watched Edwards closely since 2001, I would like to dissent from the fast-forming conventional wisdom that the 2004 vice-presidential nominee lost in Iowa because his populist message was too harsh. Edwards lost because the fervor for Obama overwhelmed everything else in Iowa. In fact, since turnout was almost 100,000 greater than the Edwards campaign had anticipated, it says something that he still managed to run even with the Clinton machine.

And a final word about Iowa's runnerup: According to a statistic that I read in this morning's Des Moines Register, Obama spent more days in the state this year than supposedly Iowa-centric Edwards.
Edwards: This is not a two person race.

Chris Matthews, with Elizabeth Edwards on, still tries to ignore the John Edwards campaign.

Corporate Media blackout of Edwards campaign gets worse.

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