Saturday, January 12, 2008

Edwards messaging off?

Jane Hamsher has a couple observations I agree with.

She saw Edwards in person in Iowa and thought his message was off and not resonating. He seemed more strident than empathic. Many people feel his message can't get through with the corporations and the media against him. The other day someone told me it was the two $100 million dollar campaigns he is competing against. Maybe so, but in a marketing sense his voice and message seems to be close but a bit off. She also wondered if Edwards debate performance ticked off females in New Hampshire?

Does the new ad resonate?

He might have time to retool. The new The Hill blogger -
I predict that virtually everyone you hear on cable and network television is wrong and neither party’s nomination will be decided on Super Tuesday. I predict that the most likely time the Democratic nomination will be decided will be on the day that Ohio and Texas vote, with the real possibility the Republican fight continues beyond that day....

If he withdraws and supports Barack Obama, he might become the kingmaker, if not the king. Second, if he continues on the current course, he probably runs out of money and flames out without any chance.

Edwards has a third option, and I predict this, which you have not yet heard on the cable talkies, but soon will: If Edwards slightly retools his message back towards his “two Americas” of 2004, he has a chance to win the upcoming debate so decisively that he will be able to take his case to an Alamo-like stand in Texas and Ohio.

You heard it here first: John Edwards has a chance to thoroughly win the upcoming debates with a smaller number of candidates and a greater chance to get out his message, but he must retool the message. Angry populism alone does not win presidential campaigns, and he had every chance in Iowa, where he virtually lived for six years, and it did not happen.

Edwards should return to his 2004 roots, combining a progressive populism with an optimism about what America can be if he is elected. He should talk about two Americas among voters, but also the greater America that is possible with Edwards as president and a Democratic House and Senate.

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