Thursday, January 03, 2008

More religious anti-science wingnuttery!

Math is the root of all evil, including evolution. "...math is ultimately the basis of a grand anti-religious conspiracy to replace god with randomness and evolution!" MarkCC finds one of the Christian replacements for real science sites.

From the Good Math, Bad Math science blog:
In their page on "Atomism and Quantum Mechanics", they go into a diatribe against Lucretius, claiming that all of modern physics is derived from the idea of atomism as proposed by Lucretius, and that Lucretius proposed atomism not as an explanation for how things work, but as a way of freeing mankind from the bonds of religion.
The really troubling thing about the site Common Sense Science is that they publish both textbooks for home-schoolers and pseudo-science journals to spread their insanity.

A book on what would be called this "common sense science" was published by the Institute for Creation Research. Their quack orbitals and other quack chemistry and physics was published repeatedly in the Creation Research Society Quarterly.

This is the religious base of the GOP and these religious home-schoolers are carrying Huckabee tomorrow. This is common sense that isn't. Have some recent real common sense discussion.

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