Thursday, January 17, 2008

Liberal Fascism in LOLCat form

A number of people linked to this Jon Swift article. Some conservatives complained to Google that it was too high up in the rankings when people searched for Liberal Fascism. Google removed it from the results. They claimed it was a googlebomb. That is wrong. A real googlebomb is like this - Liberal Fascism.

The Chron today decided to dignify Goldberg with an outlet for one of his saner rants. I won't link. He calls on Obama to be civil and respectful and not uppity.

Here is a real review of Jonah Goldberg's alternative X-men tome at The American Prospect.

Jonah Goldberg's Bizarro History - David Neiwert
In his new book, Goldberg has decided to dream up fascists on the left rather than acknowledge the fact that the real American fascists have been lurking in the right's closet for lo these many years.
Sadly No seems to have caught on that Goldberg was reading science fiction and alternative history for his research instead of real history. On Goldberg's blog he mentions British fascists as Silver Shirts. They were only called that in a Harry Turtledove alternative history series.

Jon Stewart interview video.

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