Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Media forgotten nuggets

They endlessly talked about the 2000 campaign and how McCain was smeared in South Carolina in some of the dirtiest mudslinging in a presidential primary campaign. What they forgot was who was behind it - Bush's top advisor in the state, and where he works now - Romney's campaign. It looks like Romney may have had a hand in taking out Fred.

Number two - Greenwald is right, Majority Leader Reid is atrocious as Democratic leader and kow-towing to big phone companies. Have the media ever noticed this?

After the press reported on a major study of the 935 lies that lead to the Iraq War, Captain Star Trek Lite claimed it was all a rich Jewish financier's plot. Captain Ed takes direction from the Herbert Hoover Institute, Powerline, and various Scaife publications and foundations. Froomkin has a good round-up on real news, not Scaife funded craziness.

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