Thursday, January 17, 2008

Vote in Pasadena Saturday

If you haven't safe voted early, Saturday is the day to choose your mayor. Riggs has enthusiastic supporters, can they overcome the experienced Isbell machine and the history of Pasadena returning the same families to office? Riggs held a meet and greet.
"We had people come in that I've never met and I got to visit with them. We probably had between 200 and 300 people show up with very minimal advertising, and I was able to talk to people about some of my plans for the city, which include fixing the things that are falling down around us and continuing on with the capital improvement program that John Manlove started. Overall, it went very well. We were very happy with the turnout, and we think it's a good indicator" he said.
Pat has been working for the Red Cross on local fires and I am about to head down to Clear Lake to meet some people who want to be delegates to the Democratic Party Convention. At work I kept managing to lose stuff that wasn't mine (actually the Honors students probably stole them.)

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