Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Local Politics

Even the local Pasadena Texas paper and Talton are poking fun at the PhotoShop candidate.

Harris County Judge using taxpayer funds to make sure you see his name. Instead of the County Logo, Judge Emmett puts his campaign literature name on backdrop to county events.

The mail-in ballots determined the new Pasadena mayor.

Republican Judge invalidates last 90 days of runaway grand jury. Was this incompetence in Rosenthal's office or more crony Republicanism? Fall gal - Prosecutor Kate Dolan was responsible for the grand jury mistake, according to authorities and herself.

Pasadena officers charged in death of inmate. This was the case of a 911 call that said the officers were beating or kicking a man offering no resistance.

Texas Air base fesses up - military planes were flying at time of UFO sighting.

The Pasadena Citizen had an opinion-editorial from the New Right's New School of Influence - Grove City College. "Look at any Right Wing Think Tank’s list of personnel – in the US or abroad – and you will likely find a Grove City connection." Question, why is a minor Christian conservative college getting it's faculty in so many places? Answer, it was organized and has received generous conservative funding.

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