Wednesday, January 23, 2008

'If you think the market's bad now, wait a year'

Houston is spared the worst of the bear market in housing but we have our own stories here. The above link is to ground zero for overvalued homes and and too many ARMs - California.

Cal. foreclosures up 421% from year-ago levels

"I think we're real lucky in Houston"

Update on Houston economy. Still pretty good - especially compared to elsewhere.

One recent bad note - There are rumors that ADV Films seems to have laid off all of their voice talent. ADV Films, a subsidiary of AD Vision Inc, was the largest anime company in the world outside of Japan dubbing and distributing Asian animated properties and some other science fiction series. It is unclear how serious the problems are and the future of the company in Houston. There have been a number of related announcements about various divisions of the company but no announcement about how bad the financials are. How can that be when anime is such a strong hot category? Bad business decisions at the top are suspected.

What does the international community think of the US economy? US in role of wounded giant - international experts blame Fed.

How bad is the national economy?
Starbucks testing $1 coffee.
Brother can you spare a dollar?

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rjnagle said...

I think the oil boom is hiding a lot of problems around here. Enron is about as low as Houston can go, and that was before the oil boom