Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Texas Goings On

You know that Nick Lampson has drawn not one Republican trying to pick him off but ten? Maybe that is why none of his mailings sound much like a Democrat. He could be trying to get lost in the crowd.

It is hard to believe the Republicans in this race. Every single one of them has decided the biggest single issue facing our country are those pesky Mexicans who have been here for years and that they keep hiring. "Oh, please let me stop me before I hire another one. We have other dark complexions that will work cheap." I guess Manlove won't be emphasizing his Mexican heritage in this race.

Talton and Manlove have signs up in Pasadena and seem to be counting on familiarity to get in a runoff. Pete Olson stood out in a recent gathering as the one who opened with a strong anti-abortion pitch rather than anti-immigrant. All of them were also staunch anti-income taxers. You can't get them to agree on anything they are pro-about but the Republican party stays together on everything they are against. They are so busy anti-ing on other stuff they forgot they are also anti-gay which had been the big issue.

But maybe they didn't forget the sexual attractiveness issue. One candidate seemed to have a crush on Nick Lampson.
Dunbar even praised Lampson as she asserted that Republicans need a strong conservative to beat him. "He's very charismatic, has not burned a lot of bridges and presents well."
Moving On, You now have the opportunity to get cancer in Pasadena bars and the bars hope you appreciate it.

The owner of the Pasadena Citizen has filed suit against the Fort Bend Now owner. Fort Bend Now is the one of the few sites that is an effective popular online local news site. The Houston Community Newspapers said they had a non-compete agreement with the owner. Personally, I find many judges like me don't hold with non-compete agreements and Fort Bend is not Houston.

Democrats and Republicans agree to let the Harris County GOP possibly break the law and remove Rosenthal's name from the ballot. After his emails became an issue in the D.A. race Rosenthal withdrew three minutes before the deadline but did not have his statement notarized or use the correct wording.

Dennis Kucinich supporters buzzing Stephenville.

People are upset with acting Pasadena Mayor Douglass. He used a robocall endorsement for Isbell in the mayor's race after he promised to remain neutral. Ralph Riggs is too polite to be properly pissed.
Riggs said the timing of Douglass' phone call endorsing Isbell was questionable.

"This occurred in the middle of the day and, coming from the mayor of Pasadena in the middle of the day, people are going to think it was a call from City Hall," Riggs said. In addition, Riggs said, Douglass was not straightforward when he said his earlier neutrality pledge pertained only to the December election.

"He sat right here (at the council table) and said he wouldn't endorse anyone, period," Riggs said.
The Texas Democratic Party leadership is proving as bad as Tom Craddick and the DLC. A "full voting member of the SDEC was denied the simple right and courtesy of being able to present a motion and state his case for his motion." The motion was on supporting campaign finance reform. It looks like I am going to have to go to the Texas Convention to throw out the present leadership. More here from Perry
All the Presidential candidates are talking change -- the easiest change of all being the discarding of a state party establishment of sycophants, toads, and fools. Actually, it is a good thing to be on the fringe of a party so badly run as ours in this state.

It makes the housecleaning more obvious and vital, for one thing.
And here from Eye on Williamson: "The real story from the SDEC, however, was the lackluster fundraising of the state party." This was from Democratic Party leadership that got elected by promising they were great at fund-raising.

David Van Os, although not running in 2008 because of a promise to his kids, is still working for progressive Texas. Reforming the Texas Democratic Party is an excellent place to start.

Get ready to rumble March 4th. I would safe (early) vote earlier but come to the caucus at 7 the night of March 4. Also urge our state to have paper ballots for a really safe vote.

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