Friday, January 18, 2008

Huckabee's ties to Biblical Reconstructionists Huckabee believes the Bible trumps the Constitution.

Huckabee's radical religious friends

Huckabee courts believers in Armageddon.
"South Carolina people know true conservatism when they see it. You don't like people outside the state telling you how you ought to raise your kids. You don't like people from outside the state telling you what to do with the [Confederate] flag. In fact, if somebody came down to Arkansas and told us what to do with our flag, we'd tell 'em where to put the pole."
Huckabee said that "the genius" of the Constitution is that it was built to be changed. On the other hand, he said, the Bible "was not created to be amended and altered with each passing culture."

Where have I read this before?

Robert Anson Heinlein: 2012 Nehemiah Scudder is elected American President, and implants a religious dictatorship - To Sail Beyond the Sunset published in 1987.

The First Prophet was Nehemiah Scudder, a backwoods preacher turned President (elected in 2012), then dictator (no elections were held in 2016 or later) - If This Goes On copyright 1953.

- Time Jesus Christ's Superstar.

Is Huckabee a religious populist?


John Lofton, Recovering Republican said...

Mike Huckabee, From Biblical/Constitutional Perspective, Still Clueless, A Double-Minded Man

Contact: John Lofton, 410-760-8885, 301-873-4612,

MEDIA ADVISORY, Jan. 7 /Christian Newswire/ — Recovering Republican John Lofton, Editor of and co-host of “The American View” radio show with the Constitution Party’s 2004 Presidential candidate Michael Anthony Peroutka, has issued the following statement:

Mike Huckabee has said that he is a “Christian Leader.” But, as a Presidential candidate, he is not leading as a Christian. He has given no explicitly Biblical answers to any question. In fact, on numerous issues, he has run away from his professed Biblical faith sounding, operationally, de facto, like an atheist, like just another politician.

If you will listen to The American View radio show 137, you will hear Mr. Huckabee: Refusing to defend the Christian faith and running away from his having once said that America must be taken back for Christ; saying he would have no problem appointing atheists to positions in his administration (what would an oath mean to such an unbeliever?).

In addition, Mr. Huckabee refuses to support and say what God says about homosexuality; he opposes criminal penalties for women who murder their children by abortion; and, of course, there’s that unbelievably stupid and dishonest press conference where he said he had done an anti-Romney but decided not to show it - and then he showed it to the press corps so they could see what he wasn’t going to show! Then, after supposedly spiking his anti-Romney ad, he appeared on network TV making some of the same charges that were in the ad he, alledgedly, killed!


Christians, above all others, should speak honestly and plainly letting their yeas be yea, their nays be nay (Matthew 5:37, James 5:12) lest the cause of Christ be disgraced and ridiculed. But, alas, Mr. Huckabee is not such a plain, honest speaker. In many ways, without exaggerating, it could be said that he is a political cuttlefish who, even, when confronted with direct quotes re: things he actually said, squirts cloud-after-cloud of obfuscating verbal ink all over his questioner the result being that many times one forgets the question he was being asked - that being, of course, his intention. Cuttlefish, incidentally, have been called the chameleons of the sea because of their remarkable ability to rapidly alter their skin color at will.

If you’d like to interview John Lofton, you may reach him by calling: 301-873-4612; 410-760-8885; or by email:

Gary said...

It is pretty clear looking at what Huckabee has said in the past what his views are. Even recently on Beliefnet he makes clear he opposes abortion and gay marriage and will amend the Constitution to support Biblical principles.

Huckabee also pegs the God-O-Meter scale.