Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Worst. Moderators. Ever.

I ended up writing an email to Hardball and the MSNBC president asking Chris Matthews to shut up, quit developing man crushes on macho candidates, quit dissing the women, and grow up. Check Media Matters for more.

Well, Chris was much better behaved yesterday. Unfortunately, the rest of the MSNBC team stepped up their inanity to make it the clown network.

EzraKlein at The American Prospect comments on the worst moderation ever, "It's not moderation. It's trivialization. 28 minutes in, there's not been a question about any issue, any cause, any problem." He also links to Matthew Yglesias's review of Tim Russert as the leader of the clowns on Sunday political talk. On this debate Matthew writes: "I suppose the trouble with this debate is that while it was very annoying when the moderates were focused on inane trivia, once they moved to substance it turned out that the candidates don't really have large disagreements on the issues."

Susie Madrek agrees about the quality, or rather the lack of quality, of the moderation.
The one good thing is they’ve all gone on the record about getting all combat troops out of Iraq within a year.

Now that it’s over, I can’t help but notice that the post-debate bobblehead chatter doesn’t mention Edwards at all, nor did the cameras show anyone but Hillary and Obama shaking hands with the audience. I mean, it’s weird - he’s tied in the polls and yet he’s the Invisible Man. Or maybe not so weird, considering this is MSNBC and they’re owned by G.E., who brings good things to life - and then drops bombs on them.
Journalist Josh Marshall: "10:43 ... I think I may remember this debate as the one where the candidates refused to take Tim Russert seriously no matter how serious he tried to seem." 10:55 PM ... Russert to Edwards: Was It Appropriate for you to talk to Musharraf like I do?

A journalism professor asks Tim Russert will you pledge to ask these questions to Republicans?

They perhaps disagree with my assessment of Chris Matthews yesterday in comments from the peanut gallery: "Judging from his immediate post debate remarks, Chris Mathews doesn't seem to know what much of anything is." More from Matthew Yglesias, Democrats win out over trivia, agree on major issues.

At the Moderate Voice: Clinton most experienced, improves each debate, tells lies as well as Bill.

Taylor Marsh: "every time Clinton spoke she was impassioned about what she wanted to do and her plans to get it done."

My take - All of the Democrats won, MSNBC lost.

Turning away from MSNBC for a moment, Greenwald has a response from a CNN journalist about his adoring coverage of McCain.

Kucinich was not in the debate following a Nevada Supreme Court ruling an hour before the debate. They ruled his invitation, later rescinded by MSNBC, was not a valid contract.

In my briefly watching Fox News last night, they did not appear to be favoring any GOP candidate in Michigan. As the Republican Party network they repeated mentioned that the Democratic Party removed all of Michigan's delegates to their convention. They did not mention the Republican Party had removed half of the Michigan delegates.

David Corn in Mother Jones - They all looked like they needed a nap.

Focus Group: Edwards wins debate. Media ignores. Edwards also received less air time.

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