Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ed Schultz not getting love from Hillary

That and other local Houston radio news follows.

Well-organized and well-financed Democratic centrist presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is not spreading her "accessibility" to liberal talk radio. That is according to Ed Schultz, the rapidly rising star of liberal talk radio currently heard on Houston's KTRH - 740 AM most evenings. He blasted her, or her staff, after repeatedly failing to get her on as a guest. Considering the sharp and pointed questioning she gets in her TV appearances EL is surprised she doesn't want the friendlier environment liberal talk radio would provide.

At work I could listen to Rush Limbaugh yesterday on 740 AM. I may be mistaken in thinking this was bad news when "Houston's Information Source" picked up his show. I couldn't help thinking while listening that the more people are exposed to his ignorant biased blather the more they should reject conservative Republican thinking. The only think interesting about the show was when he dissed Bush's health care plan as a tax increase, which contrasted nicely to the main stream media calling it a tax deduction. They are both right depending on your situation. But thirty minutes later he claims it was all a trick, he really supports Bush and every single one of his policies and he claims he was showing how the Bush plan could be distorted as a tax increase. Either it was a trick or he got a call from his White House handler. Picking up Rush was bad for KTRH's reputation as a truthful news source but may not be bad for progressives in Houston.

The ABC-TV 13 political blog ripped KTRH's Chris Baker for dissing TV hosts and not covering real news. Doesn't she realize that they are moving away from real news as having uninformed hosts spouting opinions and arguing with callers is a lot cheaper?

KTRH has moved Joe Pigs to early evening which hopefully is a sign he will soon be off Houston airwaves and only pollute San Antonio. They are looking for a new reporter/anchor with "fast paced, conversational delivery." Is that all that you want from your information source?

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