Friday, January 05, 2007

Jim's links and bonuses

Jim sends us to a downloadable Science Fiction calendar. Cool.

He also observes that we are paying more and getting less from our not so good health care system.

I will ask if you know that that pinko commie Dwight Eisenhower proposed a version of universal health care - offering insurance companies low cost catastrophic health care plan reinsurance to all plans that met federal standards that employees and employers could afford. This was not supported by the Republican leaders in Congress and the Southern Dixiecrats or the AMA, just as Truman's Fair Deal health care plans had been rejected. It was LBJ who finally got Medicare passed to provide medical insurance to the nation's elderly. Here is a link for this but my source was a book about Houston in the 50's I just finished reading - Red Scare!: Right-Wing Hysteria Fifties Fanaticism and Their Legacy in Texas. More on the terrible 50's in Houston later.

My links - Bush in a signing statement has declared he has the right to read your regular mail without a warrant. This adds to his previously declared rights to listen to all your calls and read all you emails without the involvement of the judicial branch.

My other link is something that was obvious except to the incredible stupid idiots that make up the right wing blogosphere - the Iraq Shiite controlled Interior Ministry admits that Capt. Jamil Hussein exists. For weeks the right has been claiming that the AP had made him up, to me further proving they lack any understanding of the Iraqi conflict or the role of a free media. The E&P article only further emphasizes the lack of knowledge of the current Right-Wing bloggers. As I stated a month ago it was obvious that the Interior Ministry was lying, they had all the reasons to - the AP had none and had continued to state the obvious: they had numerous contacts with the Hussien for over a year in his uniform and at his post. It is hard to overstate the idiocy and reality denying nature of the right in this case.

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