Monday, January 08, 2007

No Respect, no respect, I tell you

This blog is not as tied into the Texas Blog network as some. I often find it is ignored by other liberal or progressive blogs.

The latest example is a collection of liberal bloggers in Texas delivering a message to Democratic Texas Party officials. It includes a list of "liberal" Texas blogs, in fact two lists, they might want to keep up with.

This blog is not one of them.

Meanwhile, if I check with Google on "Texas Liberal News" this blog is number two. If you go "Texas Liberal News blog" it is number one. Liberal is sometimes a curse word in Texas which is why I choose it. It shouldn't be and we need to reclaim it.

If Texas Democrats and bloggers don't like the word liberal if I try "Texas Progressive News Blog" Easter Lemming is still 23. I see that there is a Texas Progressive Alliance Blog Aggregator, which is number one on that search, that I am not on, although I am now on their email list. I am usually on, sometimes off, with no pattern I can detect, on the other aggregator - Lefty Blogs/Texas. If I leave news out of the search "Texas Progressive blog" I am screwed - not listed.

I had always referred to this as a news digest and not a blog when asked for a description. Not that there is a standard definition of a blog. I have also emphasized national and international news over Texas and local news. On a generic "Liberal News" Google search I am just below Raw Story, Op Ed News and Air America radio. The local Democrats I hang with also talk more about national and international issues as well.

It might have been a mistake to delete my email subscription to the Texas Progressive list serve when I was backed up with 8,000 unread emails - excluding spam, and getting 400 messages a day on one of my three email addresses. There was probably some list or pledge I should have signed.

OTOH, considering the caliber of some of our political leaders would I want them reading this blog?

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Gary said...

Speaking of "on again/off again," on the Left Texas Feed I just dropped out of Local and on All Posts it now only shows my headlines. I wonder if it is related to my putting up a link only post?