Friday, January 05, 2007

Nuclear War - Thinkable?

One of the most horrifying documentaries ever made according to a Chron blogger is now available for free online. BBC's 1984 Threads is an attempt to show what will happen to the British Isles after a nuclear war and the threads of civilization are broken. If you do not wish video you can read the story here. Highly recommended here, more from Epinions.

Threads was heavily influenced by The War Game which had the same topic. The BBC after seeing the final cut refused to air their show in 1966. That is also available online. Western Europe was right to be terrified of Reagan's nuclear escalations as little there would survive the use of nuclear weapons and American conservatives were not reluctant to use them.

Carol Watkins for Amazon made the "So you'd like to... understand the consequences of nuclear war product list." There is another list here.

The Day After is over-rated but Testament is the most moving of the American films dealing with the aftermath of a nuclear war.

From Testament:
This is San Francisco.
We have lost our New York signal.

Radar sources confirm the explosion
of nuclear devices
there, in New York,
and up and down the East Coast.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is real.
This is...

We interrupt this program
at the request of the White House.

This is a national emergency.

This is an emergency action

I repeat, we interrupt this program
at the request of the White House.

Do not use your telephone.

Telephone lines should be
kept open for official use.

Important instructions will follow.

- Ladies and gentlemen,
- Hello

- the president of the United States.
- Tom?

- Hello?
- Mom!

- Mom!
- Get away from that window!

- Mommy?
- Get down on the floor. Get down.
With Cheney and Rumsfeld and the other Vulcans calling the shots along with this administration's history of exaggerations and lies and urges to try out some of the military's nuclear weapons preemptively, I spent some time in this blog keeping up with their plans for Iran and their nuclear proliferation incompetence. Can my vigilance be relaxed with a more sane Democratic Congress? Is my search time and raising alarms even justified in terms of the low traffic I attract? If you see your leaders driving your country toward disaster, possibly a nuclear disaster, what is the proper citizen blogger response?

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