Monday, January 29, 2007

Everyone knows about the coming attack on Iran except the American public

Conservative GOP insider Paul Craig Roberts lets the Libertarians know. This is like the media doesn't know the Iraq surge has already started weeks ago because the military hasn't had a big press conference about it. Remember, if you depend on the American mass media there is no telling what idiots you'll elect and what lies you might be told.

America ‘poised to strike at Iran’s nuclear sites’ from bases in Bulgaria and Romania


Anonymous said...

Again, doubtful. It's mainly war games and saber-rattling.

Then again, the political repercussions of empty rhetoric can be just as terrifying as if the event really occurred. Arab leaders probably have a right to be suspicious.

Gary said...

Sorry, everything adds up to more than saber-rattling. The last link is to reports in Eastern Europe that refueling tanker bases are being prepared.

QuestRepublic said...

There is NO support in the Pentagon for a pre-emptive attack on Iran.

Attacks on Iran could be met by a variety of low-cost and low-risk responses by Iran, such as closing the Persian Gulf to all shipping. The US would not be able to easily counter this, because of Iran's hi-tech anti-ship missiles. They are difficult to defend against when launches and difficult to destroy on the ground since they are mobile.

As long as Iran has large number of these Mach-Two+ weapons, the US carriers will have to stand a long ways off-shore and would therefore be unable to prevent Iran's reprisals against shipping in the Gulf.