Thursday, January 11, 2007

Right Wing Nut House offers not much support for Bush

The major point of unreality remaining in their world view is the refusal to acknowledge that al-Sadr is the one in charge: in the Iraqi Congress, in the Interior Ministry, and in most of the Iraqi Army. This expectation for a showdown with "Mookie’s Army" shows the extent that support for this escalation is driven by fervent wishes and not realistic assessments. Expecting the Iraqi government to go to war against itself is the last fevered dream of the unsophisticated ignorant babes in the woods who have supported Bush-Cheney's war from the beginning. The shouts of "Moqtada" at Saddam's execution show who is in control - Moqtada al-Sadr. Still, even the Iraq Study group showed a painful denial of the facts on the ground. Expecting the self-described Right Wing Nuts to be better is another exercise in futility.

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