Friday, January 05, 2007

New Proof That The Wingnut "Lonely Kerry" Story Is Bogus

Is there anything the right bloggers got right since they lost the House and Senate? I know they seemed desperate for stories they could jump on to prevent any reflection, any soul-searching, any acknowledgement of the incredible disaster that is Iraq and any reflection on the left turn of the country but they made mountains out of inaccurate molehills. They seemed more hysterical then at any time during the last four years and with less rationality to their jumping up and down. I had to quit reading them before Christmas, it was difficult to continue to read their insanity. That was a Christmas present to myself.

ADDED: Glenn Greenwald also notes the hysterics of the reality denying right-wing bloggers and lists some of the accusations they threw at the AP on the "policeman who was" story and reminds us also of the "Clinton wiretaps on Princess Di that weren't" they also announced. They have no credibility.

ADDED - Another liberal blogger also can't believe how crazy the wingnuts have become. Trex has more vivid imagery of the current state of the righties. Media Matters - apology that right loonies demanded of AP now not forthcoming from them, Righties - the AP lost Iraq. It seems only Fox News anchor Brit Hume has acknowledged the obvious - "AP has been vindicated" on Iraq atrocity story."

UPDATE: I can never tell what might bring a Chronicle link. Catch the Home page and see if anything else interests you. I have had a number of posts after the election and even after this post on the insanity and hysteria and misinformation that has grabbed the right bloggers. I am not the only one to notice this.

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