Sunday, January 07, 2007

An example of the 'news' you get from the hysterical right

First the real story - Miami Herald: Incident at the Port of Miami-Dade caused by 'miscommunication,' authorities say.

Right bloggers, all watching Fox News, sprang into run around in circles we are under attack mode:

Powerline: Middle Easterners Arrested In Miami! Uh, no.

Prairie Pundit: 3 probe Port of Miami security?

Gateway Pundit: FBI Arrests 3 Middle Eastern Men Trying to Enter Miami Ports! ** Authorities have a warrant out on one of the three Middle Eastern men arrested at the Port of Miami!!

Little Green small balls was a pile of right wisdom.

Ace of Spades: Three Middle Eastern Men Arrested At Miami Airport [Well, the three middle eastern men was right.]

Open Pajamas Media: Another one averted? That was it, short and not so sweet.

Blogs of War: It certainly looks fishy.

Wizbang: Breaking: All Cargo Operations Suspended at the Port of Miami. That was actually true. Then he updating 10 times hoping(?) for something more.

Of course, they could say they were simply spreading the rumors as facts that Fox News and the Miami Herald were posting. Unfortunately, the Internet lets the mass media update their online stories and bury their mistakes.

This continues the right bloggers, and the conservative mainstream media, recent breathtaking record of hysteria and false information they are feeding to their readers. Recently A Tiny Revolution compared the right bloggers to Holocaust deniers, similar methods, same denial of reality. He updates here.

Greenwald updates his post on the right blogger's untruthfulness and begins to come around on the AWOL Bush documents which was the first rightie blogger's false victory. Mapes is absolutely correct, their is much more evidence to believe those documents are not forgeries.

UPDATE: Someone was watching FOX NEWS and says they were practically practically crapping their pants over this story that turned out to be driving while Arab.

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