Friday, September 14, 2007

Another Gay GOP Scandal Looming

This could top the previous ones.

A triple murder suicide in Florida has ties to several top Southern GOP officials. This story involves gay GOPers in the closet, gay escort services, gay aides, drinking and alcohol offenses, murders, suicides and corruption.

There might be some advantage in getting all the church groups into the GOP, some of them get too disgusted to go along with the cover-ups.

Much of the talk centers around North Carolina Rep. Patrick McHenry. Here is a conservative North Carolina GOP site with an extensive list of allegations. More here. Clean photos here.

Patrick McHenry is the GOP congressman who votes most often with Bush - 97%. The unmarried McHenry has had lots of young men living at his house and voting illegally.

It may be a while before the story is fully untangled. Pam is working on it with Michael Rogers and Drama Queen.
Wow. Just wow.
I've been following politics and political scandals for more than 30 years and never have I witnessed ONE story with so much graft, corruption, sex, and murder. - Storm
Even the Florida vote-rigger Tom Feeney figures into this mess. Florida House Speaker Feeney already had the death of an investigator looking into his illegal Chinese espionage ties and electronic vote-rigging programs still dogging him.

Gay Old Perverts indeed.

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