Friday, September 28, 2007

Dispirited Liberals, Houston Progressive Democrats

Ian Welsh:
Let's Summarize. Control of Congress has bought us:
  • war spending at about the same and probably an even higher level than a Republican Congress (if they pass that 50 million coming up it'll actually be higher);
  • A FISA bill that guts the 4th amendment;
  • No real procedural control over the floor, because the leadership is too scared of their own members to enforce discipline (and control over this was supposed to be the main benefit, so that bad bills and amendments never even made it to general votes);
  • A Congress with higher approval ratings from Republicans than Democrats or Independents;
  • A refusal to use inherent contempt to enforce subpoenas, meaning we don't even really have subpoena power;
  • A refusal to actually make the Republicans get off their asses and physically filibuster; and,
  • An inability to stop the Republicans from "filibustering 3 times as much as any Congress has been filibustered.
  • Someone explain to me what we did get out of the victory in 06?
    I am supposed to be all optimistic because I can finally see some few scattered rays of sunshine indicating that the dark clouds of the Bush regime are starting to clear but on too many days that is difficult.

    In addition to withholding financial support to the Harris County Democratic Party, is there anything else I can do to show my displeasure at the chosen "honored guest" Rahm Emanuel at the main fundraiser? I have already offered to help run a dunk booth with him as the attraction.

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