Saturday, September 15, 2007

Media Matters goes all Chomsky on the Media

Manufacturing consent, stifling dissent
Given that the majority of congressional Democrats voted against the authorization, including such household names as Ted Kennedy and Barbara Boxer, how could Tim Russert suggest there was no "opposition party" during the Iraq debate?

Maybe because there was scant evidence of an opposition party on Russert's Meet the Press during the run-up to the Iraq war. On his personal blog earlier this year, Media Matters for America Senior Fellow Duncan Black examined five months of Meet the Press guest lists, starting on the day Congress authorized the use of force against Iraq to the day coalition forces actually invaded. Of the appearances by Democrats that involved a discussion of Iraq, eight appearances were by Democrats who voted for the authorization, and only three were by Democrats who voted against it.

Remember, a majority of Democrats voted against the authorization; but on Russert's Meet the Press, there were nearly three times as many Democratic supporters of the authorization as opponents.

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Anonymous said...

wow, Foser's piece is a great piece. reminds me of Alterman's What Liberal Media book, only more damning.

It also goes unnoticed is how many bloggers were right about the war. A lot of it boils down to print journalism vs. TV journalism. TV rewards people in people, people with medals and people who flatter our citizenry.