Monday, September 10, 2007

Edwards Wins Texas Democrat eStraw Poll

Boyd Richie, chairman Texas Democratic Party:
Congratulations to Senator John Edwards, who won the ePrimary Poll with 37.65% of the vote. Senator Edwards impressed Texas Democrats with his authenticity, dedication to progressive principles, and commitment to working for all Americans. Here's what some of Senator Edwards' Texas supporters had to say:
"Senator Edwards articulates a plan to help all Americans achieve a better standard of living. He sees clearly that we must craft a strong foreign policy and rebuild the United States' image abroad. He will move our nation forward."
B.J. in Hillsboro

"John Edwards is not a divider. His words are uplifting. His wife is a solid person and will be a strong first lady. He has the best solution for the health care crisis in the US, and I believe that he will settle the horrific mess the Republicans brought us in Iraq. He has a great record, and I trust him."
Danna in Lubbock
Congratulations also to Senator Barack Obama, who came in second with 21.37% of the vote. Sue in Waco speaks for a lot of Texans when she says "I've watched Senator Obama since his speech at the Democratic Convention. That night I decided that this was a man that could make a difference. I heard him speak again in Austin and I was further impressed that he was a man of vision and someone that could heal this country and put us back on the right track."

Senator Hillary Clinton came in a strong third, with 20.43% of the vote. Marissa in Edinburg summed up why she and so many other Texans are supporting Senator Clinton: "I think we are in desperate need for a change and I think she is the right person for the job. The country needs a descisive person to help clean up the mess the United States is in and it's going to take some one with a plan and a vision for the future. Hilary Clinton is that person."

Dennis Kucinich had 11.88% of the vote.
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