Sunday, September 09, 2007


I was at a smart Houston board gamer's house recently but while intelligent he is awfully ignorant about political matters. Like most politically ignorant he is fervently convinced he knows it all.

Things I might want to tell him next time if I want to argue instead of play board games.

1. While nearly all politicians are liars Democrats are not worse. Your example of Bill White lying to get elected by supporting METRO rail and then being forced to cut union retirement benefits to fund it is totally wrong in just about every way. METRO rail makes sense in some areas, not yours. Everyone admits there was a problem with the police retirement benefits. Cutting the benefits that had soared recently had nothing to do with METRO.

2. All Europeans are not lying scum who do not believe in the rule of law. Despite your claim of having read the European Union constitution that does not mean I should believe your claims that it demonstrates they willfully ignore the laws and the principle of the rule of law by willy-nilly redefining what words mean. Executions and the death penalty are not the same as abortion and doctor assisted termination of life for the incurably ill. For an example of a bad constitution similar to the European Union's see Texas. Does this mean that Texans do not support the rule of law? Wait, maybe I should rephrase that or give a better example.

Sadly No comments on other appalling ignorance from the men with little green balls and their screw loose leader. Having a new wacky tape of Osama commenting on recent events, sounding like a religious GOP flat-taxer if you change very few words, should do more than cause a slight decline in your 97.33% certainty that Osama is dead.

Why all ignorant right radio clowns sound alike:
From the start of the Bush plan, the White House communications office had been blitzing an e-mail list of as many as 5,000 journalists, lawmakers, lobbyists, conservative bloggers, military groups and others with talking points or rebuttals of criticism. Between Jan. 10 and last week, the office put out 94 such documents in various categories -- "Myths/Facts" or "Setting the Record Straight" to take issue with negative news articles, and "In Case You Missed It" to distribute positive articles or speeches.
Open Left points out institutional DC think tank ignorance today with the "So-Called-Liberal Brookings Institute" being the key example. They are having a wide-ranging panel on Iraq staffed from hawkish to hawkish Thursday. Forty years ago the Brookings Institute was liberal, maybe the media was too. Not today.

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Gary said...

I never know, this post got picked as a Houston blog watch on the Chron opinion page.

So did a Right Wing Sparkle post commenting that many people may feel like staying home next year on election day.