Monday, September 10, 2007

Sloppy Reporting Rears its Ugly Head in TX-Senate Race

I saw where the favorite Texas netroots candidate was dissing bloggers in the paper. That couldn't be right and it wasn't. This link above seems the most well-informed post about it.

For the record, I have not endorsed Noriega for Senate and have remained pretty neutral in this Democratic primary race and cautioned against premature blogger endorsements. I dislike Watts letter to an opposing attorney saying he had bought the judges with political contributions and the attorney should settle but while distasteful I think it illustrates our Texas justice system. I also am not supportive on Watt's apparent stance on women's issues.

I had hoped, similar to my hopes in the Texas Supreme Court primary, the Democrats would sort themselves out and avoid running against each other. An all-Republican Texas Supreme Court is bad for the citizens of Texas. So is Senator John Cornyn.

In more local news, we have a Democratic candidate for Talton's vacant seat. More about that later.

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