Tuesday, September 11, 2007


After being warned that al-Qaeda was determined to attack US, Bush did nothing. Some Americans re-elected him. Who could do such a thing?

A few weeks ago I read a report analyzing the people who did, the modern Grand Old Party. Paul Burka at Texas Monthly, who I often disagree with, also read the report and has a good write-up on Dissecting the Elephant.

Howard Dean: "On the sixth anniversary of September 11, we honor those who were killed in those tragic attacks, the family and friends who still grieve their loss, and the survivors who continue to suffer. On that day, our country and our world changed forever. Today, Democrats also renew our commitment to fighting the real war on terror. Six years after the attacks, we are not as safe as we should be. We remain committed to fighting al Qaeda where they are and implementing policies that make our country safer and more secure."

Thom Hartman - Is this a free-market war?

We are leaving Iraq. We will start this year. The only question is how fast.

Juan Cole: Iraq - Next Democratic President being set up to take the fall for Iraq's fall - Carterized or Fordized.

Launching Brand Petraeus and the real Iraq numbers.

Iraqi reporter: Baghdad '100 times worse' than a year ago

Perjury? Internal Pentagon report recommends rapid withdrawal. The superiors disagree with General PR, why should we listen to him?

I kept adding items to this post. I should stop now.

9/11 was bad, and to think it enabled Bush to do this to our country.

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