Thursday, September 20, 2007

BBC Charges Anbar is a Fraud

BBC documentary reporter Rick Rowley and cameraman Dave Enders went to Anbar Province embedded with the 7th Cavalry to film the new conditions since Sheik Abu Risha’s Iraq Awakening Council supposedly kicked Al Qaeda out of the area. What they found, you won’t see on American TV.

Al Qaeda was never a factor in Anbar, Abu Risha was a con man, and the so-called “peace” of Anbar is the result of ethnic cleansing by the Sunni of the Shi’ia who used to live there, all of whom have been either murdered or forced into exile.

With a fraud this big, it’s hard to know where to begin.
Pass the popcorn General.

UPDATE - Al Jazeera footage.

Greg Palast on the fake sheik.

I will also add this supposed peace has a price - ethnic cleansing.
The Anbar tribes’ alliance with the US military has effectively given them control of the province and they’re using that control to “cleanse” the Shi’ia population. As Rowley reports, there isn’t a Shi’ia family left in Anbar. Whole families have been murdered, and the rest have fled for the protection of Muktada al-Sadr. They are now living in refugee camps without water, sanitation facilities, or much food, in areas considered too dangerous for NGO’s to operate.

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