Sunday, September 23, 2007

GOP on a Filibuster Frenzy

Before last year's election the Republicans were calling for the elimination of the Senate filibuster. Now it is their only desperate hope.

A bipartisan majority of the Senate have voted that soldiers get as much time home as they do deployed. That all prisoners have the right of habeas corpus. That DC should get a vote in Congress. All have been stopped by Senate filibusters.

Through poor judgement on the Democratic leadership side the only thing that wasn't filibustered, and should have been, was Sen. John "Cowardly" Cornyn's resolution of condemnation for the three million member strong's New York Times ad. (BTW, thanks to Cornyn and Bush attacks MoveOn has received two million dollars in new donations the last couple of days. Hey, Senate condemn me, I could use the money.)

I am at the point now that if Bush and the GOP want to shut down the government through filibuster and refusal to compromise LET THEM. The Bush administration needs the money to run government, needs the money to fund the occupation. Why should my money be spent for those things? The Democrats control the purse, they should prove they have balls by voting for good legislation and letting the GOP filibuster and Bush veto. Then submit it again. Who loses in that case?
In 2003, Sen. Trent Lott (R-MS) threatened, "[Filibustering] is wrong. It's not supportable under the Constitution. [Not a scholar.] And if they insist on persisting with these filibusters, I'm perfectly prepared to blow the place up."
Do we need more Democrats prepared to hold the GOP and Bush accountable? Do we need more Democrats willing to let the GOP blow the place and themselves up? YES.

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