Monday, September 24, 2007

When the world changes

Hillary Clinton - I cannot vote to fund this war without a change in course. Nice to see her joining Edwards on this and health care.

Dilbert also came out in satirical form against right wing crazies on the Middle East and their cutting liberty and freedom nonsense.

If Dilbert and Hillary actually become liberals can Middle America be far behind?

(For you right wing crazies out there they have not been liberals. Scott Adams has been corporate libertarian. The Clintons are often hated on the left for taking conservative positions and trying to make them palatable to Democrats - triangulation.)


Unknown said...

Uhhh ... Libertarians are opposed to the war as well, dude.

We don't believe in killing foreigners like the Republicans do,

but we don't believe in enslaving Americans to Socialism like the Democrats do, either.

Me said...

Nice to meet you. Found you by following links.