Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Edwards calls for more rapid Iraq withdrawal

International Herald Tribune:
John Edwards has said that if elected president he will withdraw the American troops who are training the Iraqi Army and the police as part of a broader plan to remove virtually all U.S. forces within 10 months.

In one of his most detailed discussions to date about how he would handle Iraq as president, Edwards staked out a position that would lead to a more rapid and complete troop withdrawal than his principal rivals, Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama, who have indicated they are open to keeping American trainers and counterterrorism units in Iraq.

Elizabeth Edwards, his wife and political partner, who listened in on the interview from a seat across the aisle, intervened at the end of the session to underscore that Edwards did not intend to stop all training and was prepared to train Iraqi forces outside the country. Edwards continued the theme while acknowledging that the benefits of such training would be limited.
That is not all he is calling for.

The Agonist has an Edwards endorsement, and another.

Michael Moore doesn't endorse anyone - but makes the case for Edwards.

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