Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Local Opinions

I have my differences with Greg Wythe over politics, religion, and music but he and Kuff I think know the Houston political scene best.

As usual, I agree with Greg over the local politics - in this case the fall out over the SWAK emails, and much less so with national Democratic race. Charles Kuffner covers the GOP side of the Rosenthal story based on the Houston Chronicle, earlier here, but his conclusion is spot on.
The rift here between Rosenthal and the party faithful looks pretty serious. It's going to be hard to walk back some of the things that have been said in the not-unlikely event Rosenthal survives the primary or fails to be challenged. I have no doubt there will be a widespread outbreak of selective amnesia if and when that happens, but these things have a way of lingering. I'm just saying, the GOP seems intent on taking a shot at Rosenthal. They better be sure of their ability to kill him. Whatever the case, I'm enjoying the spectacle.

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