Tuesday, February 06, 2007

2,700 union workers strike Harley-Davidson

Union workers saved Harley from bankruptcy. Harley is now very profitable, profitable enough for management to try to screw its workers.

There are three points of disagreement. Management is offering very low wage increases. That increase is dependent on workers increasing their health care cost share which wipes out the increase. New hires will come in at a much lower rate of pay.

Workers will be praised when they give back to a company that needs help and are also expected to give back when a company is making record profits. Workers don't own the company, even with profit sharing share plans - the rich shareholders do.

Jim had wanted me to comment days ago.

ADDED: Unions call for nationwide Enough is Enough Day of Protest May 17 07. It is time for Congress and this administration and the courts to quit pandering to corporations and start supporting workers and families.

More than 2,700 members of IAM Local 175 in York, PA voted last week by 96 percent to reject a contract offer from the company that included a two-tier wage schedule for new employees, reduced pension benefits and increased health care costs. Members also voted by 98 percent to authorize a strike at the facility when their contract expired on Feb. 2, however, Harley officials shuttered the plant and erected concrete barriers blocking all access before the contract expired.

The lockout at Harley comes despite record profits and earnings by the motorcycle maker, which netted $1 billion profits last year.

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