Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Texas - Worst place in America for families

Texas now seems to be falling below Alabama and Mississippi in the health and education of its citizens and even in voter participation. John Coby writes:
The report titled "Texas on the Brink" by State Senator Eliot Shapleigh paints a bleak picture of Texas in almost every category used to rate places to raise a family. These categories include the environment, health care, women's issues, education, and more. And the ratings are a result of the Republican leadership of the state over the last 6 years.

According to the report, this is how Texas ranks among the 50 States today in a few areas:

Percentage of Uninsured Children 1st
Income Inequality Between the Rich and the Poor 2nd
Percentage of Population without Health Insurance 1st
Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) Scores 47th
Percentage of Population over 25 with a High School Diploma 50th
Percentage of Non-Elderly Women with Health Insurance 50th
Rate of Women Aged 40+ Who Receive Mammograms 44th
Rate of Women Aged 18+ Who Receive Pap Smears 47th
Cervical Cancer Rate 5th
Women's Voter Registration 43rd
Women's Voter Turnout 49th
Percentage of Eligible Voters that Vote 44th

Add to this list that Texas has the highest rates for home insurance, 25% higher than 2nd place Louisiana.
Link from Sean-Paul Kelley at The Agonist.

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