Monday, February 26, 2007

Report: 3 Gulf states agree to IAF overflights en route to Iran

Israel has supposedly received permission from some Arab states to overfly their countries if they attack Iran. There are reports this is only Israeli propaganda but Rice has had meetings with Israel and most Gulf states last week. Debka adds:
There is no knowing at this moment where these hectic war preparations by the US, Israel and Iran - joined by Syria, Hizballah and the Palestinian Hamas - are leading. Neither can the prospects be weighed of the floating Saudi effort to halt or curtail Iran’s advance towards nuclear armament. However, a rogue factor must be taken into account: an unforeseen military or terrorist act against US targets in Iraq, against Lebanon and Israel - or a clandestine operation inside Iran - may well overload the delicate balance of terror and tip the crisis into dangerous waters....

The standoff at this stage has too many unknown and changeable elements and is therefore too volatile for responsible predictions one way or the other.
The US offer to talk to Iran is predicated on Iran first stopping uranium enrichment and then the US will talk to Iran about stopping uranium enrichment. The US and Israeli will rachet up the pressure on Iran until it stops enrichment or they find a pretext to attack. Russia is opposed to this pressure and is selling Iran anti-air and helping them build a nuclear reactor.

Why is this not the big story today? - Bush-Cheney funneling money to Al Qaeda and insurgent related groups.

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