Sunday, February 25, 2007


A video on a new site demonstrates the Right Wing Media Machine tactic of sliming.
"Sliming" is the rabid, rapid, media barrage of persistently repeated lies and innuendo mastered by the right-wing media machine, which aims to tar candidates with negative associations before their campaigns get rolling. Or alternatively, to bruise them enough so that they will suffer under the burden of damaged goods as they try to gain footing.

The conservative roots usually puts out a speculative story through Fox News or Matt Drudge (of the Drudge Report), a powerful mouthpiece for the Bush White House. Then the right-wing echo reverberates as the lies make their way to talk radio and the right-wing blogosphere. Eventually, it gets picked up and carried by the mainstream media, with few understanding where the story originated.
Many of the So-Called Liberal Media will feed and reinforce a story line that gets established this way. That was part of what the open distribution of a 69-page book of GOP smears as talking points on every leading Democratic presidential candidate was about last week, to have all the GOP and conservative media spokespeople be on the same page echoing and re-echoing the slime talking point. Now, why isn't this the Sunday talk show story? Because the millionaire pundits are getting the same talking points and picking up the cocktail talk of their GOP friends.

The way to stop Fox News is for Democrats to either not go on their shows at all, which Obama is trying, or to go on their aggressively like Bill Clinton and instantly get in their face as they start their misleading reframing tactics.

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