Friday, February 23, 2007

When SF writers go bad

Teresa Nielsen Hayden comments on a follower in the right leaning footsteps of L. Ron Hubbard and Orson Scott Card. Dafydd ab Hugh was a dense ignorant jerk who thought he was smart with no listening, empathic or social skills on online SF forums for years. This makes him a perfect conservative blogger. In his role as a conservative blogger he gets to smear much more competent people.

What an ugly site he has, written as someone also not any good at blog design.

I recently reluctantly trashed one of Patrick Neilsen Harden's co-edited story collections with a one-star review despite my admiration for his blogging skills and the editing and story selection skills he has shown elsewhere.

I think this link won't make it up to him - Patrick makes an clever Asimov reference.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, Big Lizards is a great blog, filled with good, solid analysis of issues, unlike this one.

Oh, that's right, the author of said blog disagrees with you so he must be destroyed.

Gary said...

Anony here just spammed this and nearby posts with unconstructive comments. One had to be rejected for derogatory language.

Reminds me of Dafydd and other non-constructive anti-social conservatives.